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All rooms of your home, parking lots, decks, patios, and your landscape should be properly illuminated; therefore, lighting plays an important role. Rely on the team at Battle River Electric Ltd in Wainwright to provide appropriate indoor and outdoor lighting solutions.

Whether you need indoor lighting to change a room from mundane to magnificent or you are looking for home entertainment lighting, we can provide you with the appropriate solution. From chandeliers and heat lamps to pantry lighting and recessed lights, you can get them all from us at affordable prices. Our technicians can install, repair, and replace:

Ceiling fans
Pantry lighting
Under cabinet lights
Track lighting
Step lights
Pendant lights
Wall mount lighting
Recessed lights
Heat lamps
Cove lights
Can lighting
Dome lighting
Suspended indirect


You can beautify your home by installing the right lighting fixture at the right place. Some of the lighting options we provide are:

Kitchen lighting: Proper lighting in the kitchen is a must because there you prepare food, clean up dishes, and work with sharp knives as well as hot stoves. We would recommend you to install task lighting in your kitchen. Under-cabinet lighting is an ideal option to provide task lighting onto the countertop of your kitchen and pendant lights are suitable for kitchen islands.
Accent lighting: Accent lighting is placed to spotlight an area or an art piece. You can decorate your dining room with accent lighting as guests come over for dinner and spend all their time in dining and living rooms.
Irrespective of your indoor lighting needs, our technicians can efficiently install your accent lighting.
Bathroom lighting: You can rely on our electricians to install your lighting fixtures, heat lamps, and GFCI outlets to ensure safety in moisture and water-filled room.


For personal safety, you should install security lighting in the outdoor areas surrounding your home. Besides lighting for safety purposes, you can enhance your beautiful backyard by choosing us for all your landscape lighting needs. Our team can plan strategically to bring light to the nooks, crannies, and paths in your home. During hot weather, you can hire us to place a ceiling fan in your porch or enclosed patio area to cool you off.


You can seek help from us to create a luxurious ambiance near hot tub, pool, or Jacuzzi, which you and your family can enjoy. Our team has the required skills and are well equipped to provide you with long-lasting outdoor lighting solutions.

Equip Your Home with Smart Systems

Our residential electricians are updated with the latest technologies for home automation system.

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