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Battle River Electric Ltd understands the need for electrical panel upgrades in your Wainwright’s home. Initially, many homes in the area had electrical systems with average capacity. But, the new modern kitchens have more electricity requirements. With the increase in electricity needs, we recommend you to upgrade your electrical panel. Our team can also help you convert your old fuses into circuit breakers; thereby, increasing the capacity of your electrical system to meet the new energy demands of your appliances.


Fuse panels to circuit breakers
New main panel installation
Pool/outdoor sub panel installation
Emergency panel installation
Main breaker replacement
Whole house surge protection
Metre base repair
Metre base replacement
Service mast replacement
New grounding system
Replace weather head

You can also rely on us to change secondary panels and exchange points for the appliances that need more electricity like pool filtration system. Call our electricians today for electrical panel upgrades.

Make Your Pool a Place of Absolute Relaxation

Our team will install latest pool electrical system for your comfort.

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