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Do you want to switch off your HVAC system while lying on the bed? Need to check whether the front door is locked, after reaching to the office? All these can happen if you choose Battle River Electric Ltd in Wainwright to install a home automation system. We assure you that after installing the automation system, your daily life will become easier. 

With the advancement of technologies and internet capabilities, home automation system has also evolved. Presently, the Internet of Things (IoT) is implemented in the automated residential systems. Our team is trained and updated to make sure that energy-efficient systems based on the latest technologies are used in your home. 

Such a system facilitates you to remotely control several aspects of your home like electrical appliances and lighting to reduce your energy bills. With the help of your smartphone, you can easily check that no door has remained open in your absence, turn on security lights when it’s dark, and also check cameras installed in your property. Such remote access to your home provides security for your family in your absence.

Brands we carry include Lutron and Nest. We also provide point-to-point Internet, CCTV, and security systems for agricultural and other clients who need the internet on farms and acreages. 

Call us to learn more about home automation system or schedule an appointment for installation.

Keep Your Home in the Spotlight for Your Guests

We have effective and beautiful lighting solutions for your home.

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