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Whether you are constructing a new home or renovating the existing one, choose Battle River Electric Ltd for electrical installation and rewiring. A few possible reasons for rewiring can be:

Original wiring may not be enough to support the electrical needs of your home
Circuit breakers may be tripping frequently
Lighting may be flickering or dimming when a lot of electrical supply is used in a room
Chances of electric shock or fire increases if your existing electrical system is operating beyond capacity

Depending on the size and layout of your home, the time consumed in completing the whole house rewiring may vary. Investing in rewiring will increase the value of your home as wiring is a potential selling point of a property.


We provide a wide range of rewiring services:

Inspection and assessment of present wiring condition
Knob and tube replacement
Renewing of aluminum wiring
New circuits addition
Complete rewiring at your home


From the late 1890s, knob and tube wiring was used in homes. Porcelain knobs were used to hold the wire in place and tubes were used to bring the wiring through wooden joists. In knob and tube wiring, hot and neutral wires were used and there was no ground wire. Presently, it is considered obsolete and is found mostly in homes that were built before the 1950s.

Because of no ground wire, there is a higher possibility of electrical shock. Moreover, the knob and tube is highly susceptible to mechanical or physical damage. Any deterioration of wiring insulation poses a fire hazard. To overcome such concerns, it is advised to hire our electricians for knob and tube replacement.

Create Ambiance Along With Safety and Security

Choose us to install landscape lighting system to improve safety and security.

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